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Lifetime Achievement rooted

the history of the winery

The winery activity of the Celler Marià Pagès winery dates back to 1870, in the middle of the 19th century. ‘Initiated by the grandfather Mariano, with three generations of antiquity’.

Under the umbrella of the Serrasagué brand the winery has been operating commercially since 1994.

It has a production capacity of about 1.000 hectoliters and an annual production of approximately 55.000 liters; producing both young quality wines: reds, rosés and whites as black aging, a wine well liked by consumers. You can also highlight sweet wines such as Grenache and Muscat.

Celler Marià Pagès

Inside the rural house of Can Llibori, a house of the year … we find the aging cellar, where among its stone walls, rests the most appreciated wine.

The winery has received the distinction of Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest wineries in Catalonia, specifically more than 125 years of history.

If you find about 50 barrels of American, French and Hungarian oak along with more than 20.000 bottles with more than one year of coexistence. Walking through the cellars you can see some relics that have been preserved over the years.